Founder-friendly Terms

Founder-friendly Terms

We don't take board seats, we dilute with founders, and invest with standard Silicon Valley instruments like SAFE.

Hands-on Mentoring

Hands-on Mentoring

We work closely with founders and help them in strategy, product and growth. Our advice comes with our money, we don't take extra advisory shares.

Global Network

Global Network

We deploy our global network for business development, strategic alliances and funding.


CB INSIGHTS select Geen among the most disruptive 60+ Synthetic Biology Startups

According to CB INSIGHTS, our portfolio company Geen is among the most disruptive 60+ SyntheticBiology Startups.

CB INSIGHTS mapped 67 Synthetic Biology startups under 9 categories, where Geen was selected among the most disruptive startups under Organism engineering & automation platforms.

Geen is building an operating system to make cells programmable. GeenOS introduces a new Universal and Computable genetic coding language upon integration to any host cell.

Click For CB INSIGHTS Synthetic Biology Market Map

İTÜ Ginova ÇetinCeviz 2016 Demo-Day

Today, we completed the İTÜ Ginova ÇetinCeviz 2016 bootcamp with the participation of seven brilliant teams.

İTÜ or Istanbul Technical University is an international technical university located in Istanbul, Turkey. It is the world’s third oldest technical university dedicated to engineering sciences, and İTÜ GINOVA is the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation established for university’s more than 35,000 students.

ÇetinCeviz is held for the second time. Programme’s name ÇetinCeviz means “Hard Nut to Crack” in English, it symbolises the desire of İTÜ Ginova participants to solve the hardest problems of the World.



Research shows that a single person was likely to be behind several accounts that bought millions of Dollars worth of #Bitcoin, which drove the exchange rate in the US from $150 to $1,000 over a 2 month period in late 2013

ÇetinCeviz Girişim Kampı'na başvurmak için son 10 gün! Detaylı bilgi ve başvuru için 👉ginova.itu.edu.tr/haberler/2017/…@itu1773 @itugirisim @JohnTurk73 Retweeted by Can Saracoglu

Can Saraçoğlu'nun konuk olduğu salı söyleşisini kaçıranlar için, söyleşi artık youtube kanalımızda 👉 youtube.com/watch?v=iXNxy_… @JohnTurk73 Retweeted by Can Saracoglu

Venture capital is rocket fuel. It's not useful if you're not building a rocket. And VCs only really want to give rocket fuel to rocket builders, anyway. Regardless, rocket fuel is dangerous and difficult to handle properly. Retweeted by Can Saracoglu

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